Birmingham Hackathon

Project Sixteen

Everyone loves checking in to places. Everyone loves being social about where they are. However, sometimes there are situations when you don't want to check in to a local shop, restaurant or brothel. You really don't want to bug the hell out of your followers with thousands of updates. So here comes Project Sixteen, allowing you to log in to cities or towns (or potentially even countries!), and automatically see local events, news and maps. All tailored to your location!

Project HIM

Developers and designers work on a lot of side projects, most on a Friday night after a tiring week of work - no idea why! Normally people throw an image, or link on various community sites such as Dribbble, Forrst or Twitter, but that isn't always your final polished project. Enter Project HIM, a simple community that allows you to build up a portfolio of completed micro-projects, either alone or as part of a team. Follow a fellow developer or designer, scout for potential employees or just marvel in the amazingness of some of the things people make.